"You have to be good to yourself to give your best to others"

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About Renata

With our fast-paced lives, we forget how important it is to nourish not only our tired bodies but also our minds and spirits. Medical research has demonstrated that therapeutic touch can have profound healing power. Feeling good is not only wonderful for ourselves but also for our loved ones and those we surround ourselves with. A graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage, I have been practicing massage therapy since 1997. I have integrated decades of study and experience for a unique and individualized approach. My massage provides a holistic experience enhancing both physical and emotional health. 

In my practice I use a combination of different modalities I have learned over 20 years in business, tailoring each session to specific client's needs. The foundation of my practice draws from techniques used in Swedish deep tissue massage. 
 I specialize in:
Ayurvedic face massage
Geriatric Massage
Massage for the cancer patient (trained by Sloan Kettering Memorial)
Sports massage